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Mineral Insulated Cable

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1. Fire prevention
Because the cable are all use of inorganic materials (copper and magnesium oxide), which itself does not cause a fire, not burning or combustion, because the melting point of copper is 1083 DEG, 1000 DEG C and mineral insulating layer above the melting point. Therefore, the cable can continue to supply power in the case of a fire near the melting point of copper. It is a real fireproof cable. And it can be tested by BS6387 C, W and Z.

Test project


GB/T19216 level





A grade of 650, 180minB, 750, 180minC, 950, 180minD, 950, 20min

Spray pump



W grade 650 C, 15min

Mechanical impact



X grade 650, 15min Y 750 C, 15minZ grade 950, 15min

Two, large capacity and waterproof
Because of the actual use of normal temperature can reach 250 DEG C for mineral insulated cables, IEC60702 mineral insulated cable continuous working temperature is 105 DEG C, it is necessary to consider the safety of terminal sealing materials and even so, its carrying capacity is far more than other cables, because mineral insulation has better thermal conductivity than plastic, so the same temperature, the greater the flow load. For the lines above 16mm2, a cross section can be reduced and two sections can be reduced to places where people are not allowed to contact.
Three, explosion-proof corrosion resistance
Explosion proof characteristics: as the mineral insulated cable is protected by metal sheath, flammable gas, oil vapor and flame can not reach the electrical equipment connected with the cable, so the cable has explosion protection characteristics.
Corrosion resistance: because copper has good corrosion resistance, in the normal use of the environment does not require any additional protection, in particular environmental conditions, such as have a strong corrosive effect on copper cable outside environment, coupled with a layer of PVC outer sheath, so the cable has good corrosion resistance.
Four, mechanical damage, long life, no halogen-free nontoxic
Resistance to mechanical damage due to metal sheathed cable has a certain strength and toughness, so the cable subjected to bending, flattening, torsion deformation, the relative position between the core and the line between core and sheath remains unchanged, no short-circuit is produced, it will not affect the electrical performance.
Long life: because all the materials used in the cable are inorganic materials and are not aging. The service life can be calculated according to the rate of oxidation corrosion of copper sheath. The data show that the jacket oxidation is 0.25mm, which takes 257 years at ambient temperature of 250 C, while the sheath thickness of mineral insulated cable is generally between 0.34-1.05 and the service temperature is below 250 C, so the cable has long life characteristics.
Halogen-free, non-toxic: because all cables are made up of inorganic matter (metal copper and mineral insulating layer), so no combustion, halogen and toxic gas will be produced even at 1000 degree high temperature. It is the real halogen free toxic cable.
Five. Resistance to overload and copper sheath can be used as grounding wire
Overload resistance: due to the melting point of copper is 1083 DEG C, mineral insulating layer is a melting point above 1000 DEG C, compared with ordinary plastic cable, the ability of carrying capacity of mineral insulated cable can improve a section level, and can withstand considerable overload, the overload capacity can reach more than 10 times the normal load flow.
The copper sheath can be used as the grounding wire: for mineral insulated cables, because of the continuity of copper jacket and the very low grounding resistance, it can be used as grounding conductor without independent grounding conductor.
Six, product use: because of the excellent performance of the mineral insulated cable, it is applicable to the fire fighting line below the rated voltage 1000V and below:

Ordinary lighting

Emergency lighting line emergency broadcast line

Emergency elevator and lifting equipment line

Fire alarm control line

Control line of computer room

Fire electrical circuit

Power transmission line in power generator room

Power supply lines that can't be cut off

Dual power control circuit

Lighting line in public places

Main / sub dry power distribution system lines

Scenic spot lighting line

High temperature environment power and control line

Oil pump line

Potential dangerous explosion regional lines

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