Shandong Yanggu Xinhui Cable Co., Ltd. the company always adhere to the quality first, customer supreme principle, the production of products of PVC insulated wire and cable, rubber insulated cables, power cables, control cables, electric welding cables, rubber sheathed flexible rubber sheathed cables for mining purposes, soft cable, XLPE power cables and various specifications of flame retardant and fire resistant cable that conforms to the national standards, quality assurance, to allow customers to buy a satisfactory, with ease, avoid menace from the rear.







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The quality and credit report of Yotani Ki Cable Co., Ltd.



Yotani Ki Cable Co. Ltd., the quality is the root, integrity-based, scientific management, the pursuit of excellence is the quality policy, quality strictly abide by relevant state laws and regulations, improve the product quality, service quality, traceability system, and earnestly fulfill the main responsibility, to assume the quality of compensation according to law.
In order to ensure the effective operation of the quality credit system, standardize the system, to implement the constraint from the examination means, to be guided from quality culture, actively implement famous brand strategy from efforts to improve and to enhance the quality and integrity, vigorously create and create a working atmosphere and system performance, constantly strive to enhance the national quality standard. To serve customers.
In the creation of quality credit system in our company pays great attention to the core of quality management, and constantly improve the comprehensive management level of quality management departments, the "quality is life of enterprise", "the next procedure is the customer" quality responsibility and mission throughout the entire production process, implemented in various positions, to create a good concerted efforts, often grasping overall quality management atmosphere unremitting, establish quality awareness of integrity through efforts to build and enhance the quality of products.
In order to further improve product quality, implement the main responsibility for the quality, the company strive to create a quality credit system, to the "people's Republic of China product quality law" as the basis, production license, compulsory certification, national standards and regulations as the criterion, has achieved ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18001 occupation health and safety system certification and implementation and improve seriously. In order to ensure the effective operation of the quality of the integrity of the system, in the basis of credit management system, through strict raw materials into the plant, production organization integrity, honesty, integrity and quality control, personnel quality and technical service integrity concept of honesty, and constantly improve the credit system construction company. Through the establishment of the principle of good faith, honesty, integrity of enterprises to carry out related training content, establish employees "sincere man, solid work" concept, so that employees really realize the important role in the development of enterprise integrity, the integrity of penetration and condensation in the company management idea, runs through from raw material to products, etc. production quality control of the whole process, become the company's conscious action and employee behavior.
The construction of quality and integrity is mainly done in the following aspects:
1. The culture of quality and integrity of enterprises
Our company take the customer demand as the focus, customer service for the purpose of the concept, and promote the quality of the construction of good faith, to establish a sense of integrity, the majority of users "service as an important content of the construction of enterprise culture to grasp the quality of integrity, improve the quality of the product performance.
In order to further improve the pace of quality and integrity culture construction, we should learn from and learn from the experience and lessons of excellent enterprises, and create quality integrity culture from multiple perspectives through the company's overall planning and system design.
(1) management and promotion to promote the construction of quality and integrity culture
In 2017 the company developed a handbook of the corporate culture of integrity, through effective management and promotion activities, strengthen the management responsibility consciousness, quality consciousness gradually throughout the process of management and operation, with the system of publicizing training, increase staff awareness of quality and integrity of enterprise development importance, greatly inspired the majority of employees to participate in the construction of quality culture of integrity enthusiasm, promotes the enterprise the quality and integrity of cultural work.
(2) to serve the public in a qualitative manner
The company has always put quality in the first place, with the vast number of consumers with high quality products and services, the customer and market needs, expectations and loving attention, always focus on customers, establish "sincere cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win" strategic partners, and to adjust and improve the production management measures and means to win the market and customer trust.
(3) based on construction and emphasis on Innovation
To follow the inherent law of quality culture construction, adhere to the combination of inheritance and innovation, constantly inject new vitality, not only inherit the spirit, but also highlight the innovation, fully authorized to play each employee's creativity, strengthen and improve the quality of management innovation ability of the enterprise, the establishment of quality culture with its own characteristics through the innovative practice of rich and colorful.
Our company always adhere to the quality and integrity culture construction, quality and integrity culture, including quality and integrity goals, quality and integrity commitment, quality integrity and so on.
Quality and integrity objectives: excellence, first-class service, Tachiashikaga Makotonobu, the world's most respected cable enterprises.
In order to achieve the overall quality goal, the total quality integrity goal is quantified and the target is decomposed.
1) the qualified rate of finished products reached 100%.
2) the rate of customer satisfaction reached 100%.
3) the delivery rate of product is 100%;
4) the completion rate of the equipment is above 98%.
5) the completion rate of the production plan is 100%;
6) the qualified rate of raw materials into the factory is above 99%.
Enterprise quality and integrity commitment: strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the state, and ensure that the quality of the product meets the requirements of the relevant national product standards.
Enterprise quality and integrity spirit: honesty, scientific and technological innovation, the pursuit of perfection, the casting of fine quality.
Enterprises to establish the integrity of the quality of learning: in March 15, 2017, the typical consumer rights day, the company held the quality and integrity of the organization staff meeting, the meeting of all staff to strictly abide by the rules and regulations, and earnestly fulfill the quality and integrity of duties; visual quality as its character,