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Please pay attention to the cable enterprise. The domestic wire and cable industry will usher in a new opportunity

With the development of urbanization in China, the construction of smart grid in China has been gradually started. Smart grid, as a modern emerging industry, characterized by intelligent and efficient operation, will be the future development trend of the power grid in the future, and the industry will usher in new opportunities. As the most important supporting industry in the power grid construction, the wire and cable industry also ushered in a broader market prospect and unprecedented new opportunities. How should China cable companies share the opportunity?
Wire and cable as one of the important supporting industries in the national economic construction, wire and cable industry is the second largest industry in the machinery industry, second only to the automobile industry. According to statistics, China's wire and cable industry has 4653 Enterprises above Designated Size, and there are 85 enterprises whose main business income is more than 1 billion yuan, and 36 enterprises have assets 1 billion yuan or more. According to the prospective industry Research Institute released the "market demand forecast China wire and cable industry for 2014-2018 years and investment planning report" shows: 15 years, wire and cable industry with an average annual growth rate of more than 15%, the next few years, due to China in the late stage of industrialization, China wire and cable industry development speed will be higher than the growth rate of the national economy, is expected to reach more than 10%; especially the power lines and power cable with an average annual growth rate of up to 15%.
With the development of the domestic industrialization degree increase, improve infrastructure, improve the city level, the cable industry will mature, there is a distinct polarization in the industry, improve the industry concentration, in which the top ten market share for 67% of the market, Japan's top six market share of 65%, the French top five market share share 90%. Although the industry concentration is low, resulting in the cable industry market in the scattered state of the market, but the wire and cable industry has maintained a high growth, the rapid increase in production efficiency, accelerate the upgrading of products, the product structure is becoming reasonable, industry capital structure diversification, the market significantly speeding up the process of wire and cable; especially coastal and economically developed areas the manufacturing industry has obvious advantages, further expand the regional differences.
According to the electric energy group of foresight Industry Research Institute, we expect that in the next five years, China's power grid will usher in the golden age, and the wire and cable industry will have a "good opportunity". With the national policy and the State Grid Corporation of smart grid investment is huge, with the project of national power transmission from west to East, such as power grids, and gradually promote the urbanization construction in the next 5 years, the wire and cable market capacity is closely related with the transmission and distribution, will maintain a considerable growth at an annual rate of 8%-9% wire and cable industry, will usher in new opportunities.