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FTTH intelligent Home Furnishing towards the future will show explosive growth

In January 2012, Fu Xiaodong became the general manager of Zhongtian Broadband Technology Co., Ltd. At the same time, it is also the sole director of the FTTH (fiber to household) broadband network engineering technology research center in Jiangsu. More than 4 years, led by him, triple play full information intelligent control terminal, indoor cable type connector, high density intelligent optical fiber distribution frame and 19 projects for the high-tech enterprise technology project, 3G/4G base station a whole cabinet, WLAN AP wireless access box 28 projects by the project group, has won the 41 national patents, 5 invention patents, and 9 patents are declared. A new embedded type quick connector, optical fiber distribution storage integration capacity free type jumper cable transfer box, photovoltaic online monitoring intelligent optical fiber melting integration series to beautify the cable transfer box and other 8 products by high-tech products in Jiangsu Province, more than 20 products through certification, thailand.
In recent years, driven by many favorable factors such as triple play, FTTX network construction, 4G construction and smart grid construction, we have put forward higher requirements for the bandwidth of data centers providing Internet services. Fu Xiaodong with the actual enterprise and national economic and technological policies, actively adapt to the development trend of the communications industry, in 2012 the implementation of "FTTH construction with high speed optoelectronic devices and access equipment series product development and industrialization" project, the independent research and development of short distance and large capacity data center optical interconnection technology, narrowband optical filter and electronic balance technology, OFDM transmission system 34 patent technologies, developed the high-speed, green, efficient, low cost and high efficiency of the general optical devices, communications equipment and other products, the implementation of the core optical device localization, solve the key technological problems of the development of optoelectronic integration technology, to fill the gaps in the market, breaking the monopoly of technology foreign manufacturers, the development of a new generation of Chinese high speed and high performance optoelectronic devices and access equipment industry to play a role in promoting. This project will introduce advanced technology, such as advanced grinding, optical fiber automatic coupling, wafer processing and other processes and equipment to large-scale processing, to ensure that products meet the high quality optical properties and quality and processing consistency. After the implementation of the project, the annual new sales revenue was 300 million yuan, the new profit was 60 million yuan, and the tax payment was 27 million yuan.
Over the years with the FTTX strategy to promote, our country city area and the development of fiber optics has experienced a peak; today, with the sinking of mobile broadband and Internet services to rural areas, rural areas of our country to the communication infrastructure demand increases rapidly, the fiber construction demand is growing rapidly. Since the beginning of the year, China Telecom and China Unicom have stressed the need to speed up the construction of fiber to household in the rural market. Whether it is the macro-economic situation or the demand of the micro product market, Fu Xiaodong has given enough confidence to develop it. In order to provide customers with the overall solution of wireless coverage and transmission, in 2013, Zhongtian broadband entered the field of antenna quickly, and developed and produced all the products of base station antenna, ceiling antenna, beautification antenna, microwave antenna and so on. With the acceleration of the construction of 4G, the broadband research and development of antenna products meet the requirements of LTE technology to meet the needs of the network construction of various operators in the world. Last year, "4G ultra wide frequency and multi system common antenna research and development and industrialization project" obtained the Jiangsu province strategic new industry special support fund 10 million yuan. After more than two years of accumulation, the antenna products business began to force China Telecom to beautify the antenna products centralized procurement, Zhongtian broadband in 10 of the bid winning enterprises topped, accounted for 24% of the share;
With the implementation of the "broadband China" strategy in 2013, broadband networks have entered thousands of households, and their lives and work. Facing this tide, Fu Xiaodong began to think about a question: what can FTTH bring to our lives, what can we do in addition to the telephone and the broadband Internet access? Can we make our products close to the lives of the people? After a comprehensive analysis and consideration, Fu Xiaodong believes that it can enter the field of smart home which is closely related to FTTH. It is understood that at present, hundreds of intelligent cities have been set up in China, and the three major operators and more than 300 cities have reached a strategic cooperation agreement with the intelligent city. As one of the main applications of smart city, smart home is at the forefront of development. With the promotion of operators and radio and television sectors, various products that are fully integrated with people's family life have been published, and have been commercially available in some areas.
Smart home is just starting, with the promotion of broadband network and the popularization of related concepts in the future, smart home will have an explosive growth. And smart home and the existing FTTH can be closely integrated with the existing broadband, is a practical and feasible expansion of the area. To this end, Zhongtian broadband extends FTTH to smart home, providing five solutions: interactive living room, smart bedroom, safety kitchen, family energy, safety and security.