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Cable "heatstroke" leads to several residential blackouts


The fire of Zhengzhou, if there is no electricity at home, that taste, is really torment. Continuous high temperature heavy operation, 2 plate cable also "heat" in the Fengqing road and North Sanhuan a piece, near the Chinese garden and cultural district residents affected by electricity, Zhengzhou power supply repair personnel 24-hours-a-day repair, a temporary erection of external power supply, the fastest 21 meter pre day 24 the restoration of electricity.


On the same day, the blocks were blackout.
On the same day, continuous high temperature and high power supply and high load, at 12:31 noon on July 21st, Zhengzhou power grid once again refreshed a new record. The load of Zhengzhou power grid reached 9 million 824 thousand kilowatts.
High temperature brings bad mood. What kind of steamed and barbecued models do not mind and make up a paragraph are too hot. But if the electricity is stopped, the taste will be even worse.
"Why is there a power outage when electricity is needed? When can I call? In the evening of July 20th, there was a hot line from the readers, who said that the family lived in the fangfangyuan community. When they got home from work, they wanted to be cool and cool. They found no electricity. They thought their home was out of order.
As with the Chinese and Mandarin garden area near the North Sanhuan Fengqing Road near several area.
Day and night to repair, the iron man turns on
"From yesterday evening, it was 8 o'clock in the evening, and we had a little rest in the afternoon, otherwise people would not be able to live." The evening of July 21st, North Central Fengqing road a non motor vehicle lane, the distribution of Zhengzhou power supply company maintenance class monitor super yellow and cable monitor Liu Wutao, a sweat, weary. At the scene, they have been repairing for more than 24 hours in a row. Wang Puxi and Leeson, from entering the scene of the repair, no rest at all.
In July 20th 16, Fung Hing Road near North Sanhuan 2 version of the cable failure, several nearby residents affected by electricity, Zhengzhou power company repair personnel arrived on the scene quickly find fault, repair personnel using equipment troubleshooting, within three kilometers of the road 21, is the cable fault point multi point, involving road excavation and other factors, repair workload. A number of classes in the rush to repair class entered the state of repair, and they took turns in 24 hours.
Because the supply area of the number of full load operation, and no other substation can carry around, not the line load transfer to other lines, according to the special circumstances, Zhengzhou power company repair personnel to formulate three repair schemes to solve the problem, use surrounding power resources, set up a temporary external power supply, ease the coordination around industrial and commercial customers to make use of technical measures load, load transfer, priority restoration for residential electricity.
At present, the above three work is in synchronization, and it is expected that the power supply will be resumed at 24 hours before the 21 day.
The substation did not fall to the ground, and the North Third Ring part of the area was "trouble" in summer.
Zhang 2, the cable failure is due to continuous heavy load operation. Under heavy load and heavy load, equipment and lines are overloaded and prone to failure. If people suffer from heatstroke, can they share the load of other nearby lines?
The answer to Huang Chao is: "some of the nearby boards are overloaded, and the load does not go down." This year, Zhang Zhai main transformer but the load, but is overloaded operation, part of the line overload, a 2 overload, and it is also a 22 hand in hand, so a 2 load does not go down fault.
From the beginning of 2014, the city in the northwest of the urban area was frequently blackout in the first to summer with the peak of electricity consumption. Especially in the same period last year, Nanyang Road East, South, North Sanhuan agricultural road in the north, Cultural Road West Region, because the region is only a 110 thousand volt Zhang Zhai variable overload of main transformer, multi line rolling blackouts have to take measures. In order to satisfy the residents' electricity consumption in the region, at least another 110 thousand volt substation has to be built.
As early as 4 years ago, Zhengzhou power supply company is planning a 110 thousand volt substation of the masses in the region, but because some of the units and residents against the location has not finalized, and in this process, with the increase of the resident population, the power supply load in this area is also rising.
At this point, Zhengzhou power supply company also appeals to the people of all walks of life to view the construction of substation rationally and support the construction of substation. At the same time, in the peak period of electricity consumption, industrial and commercial users can actively cooperate with the implementation of orderly electricity use measures, so that the electricity and the people should be given priority to ensure the demand for electricity for residents.