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Analysis of the latest marketing trend of wire and cable enterprises

The Internet has greatly changed the way information is spread and has a far-reaching impact on marketing. More wire and cable enterprises no longer embed advertisements in external content, but rather succeed by publishing original content, because this strategy can bring extra benefits.
1. product content marketing diversification
Cable products can create valuable content through a variety of channels. The best B2B industry website content marketing tools are social media, articles on the corporate website, newsletters, case studies, and videos and articles on other websites. By using one or more channels, the enterprise can build a positive image in the industry. This trend shows that popular marketing technology is becoming inefficient through television advertising and radio advertising. Instead, it should focus on marketing in the entry, making valuable and fascinating content designed for a particular audience.
2. social media marketing diversity
In recent years, enterprises have joined social media in marketing activities. As a result, enterprises have launched multiple attacks, and have tried various kinds of network tools to maximize contact with consumers. This has become a general strategy. Such diversification is fruitful for many enterprises, because it builds brand equity by making consumers more easily identified with a brand.
3. the content of image centered
As consumers come into contact with more and more advertisements, it is particularly important to make content simple and quick to be digested by the users.
Although I don't think the traditional text type content will be completely out of date, it is obvious that the combination of images is more conducive to marketing activities.
4. things are on the basis of Jane
A noteworthy trend is that consumer preferences are clearly transformed from in-depth information to simplified marketing information.
In the face of massive information and advertising that is trying to grab attention, consumers feel tired and some of the most creative marketers run in the opposite direction. They are trying to reduce their marketing information, instead of using advertising to conquer the consumer as if it were raining flowers.
5. advertising redirection will improve efficiency
This is the latest marketing strategy that has really sprung up. In general, its working principle is to use the browser's Cookies to track the web site that users access. Once they leave a site, the products or services they have visited will be displayed again in the form of advertising on different sites.
6. search engine optimization and social network signals will be more closely integrated
Although social networking signals usually do not have the same importance as traditional inbound links, they cannot be denied that they play a role in endogenous search rankings.