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Characteristics of new type reel cable

Reel cable, also known as the "reel cable", is produced by Shanghai name special cable Co., Ltd., which has the characteristics of wear resistance, oil resistance and tear resistance. Reel cable is suitable for mobile devices such as fast running container crane, lifting equipment, large underground excavator and underground mining equipment, large underground excavator and underground mining.
The product has strong voltage impact resistance, can withstand voltage pulse frequency when the cable has the impact of good, and effectively eliminate the electromagnetic interference shielding reduced frequency machine noise, ensure the stable operation of the system, the system is widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical, power and stable operation to ensure the stable operation of the system, widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical and power guarantee.
The cable in addition to electrical properties, weatherability, and other basic requirements and equipment matching, the basic characteristics of the main is: can withstand long time bending movement, pressure tensile properties, especially excellent rolling pressure and superior wear characteristics, which is currently to be able to understand what is called "rolling pressure" the factory is also a little. The working principle of the rotary drum and a wire, line, drum is generally constant tension and, there are higher requirements for the tensile strength of the cable, and taking the volume of single channel or multi-channel cable are stacked, cable resistance better extrusion, the cable core caused by extrusion deformation is inevitable. The problem is all the influence on the deformation of the cable is reduced to the minimum needed to study the basic problems of the present, the cable is broken core and sheath crack and tensile steel wire rope cable extrusion breaking the insulating layer to cause the work stoppage. So, the flexibility of the cable conductor material, insulating materials and requirements of material aging, the tensile resistance, combination of core and auxiliary material collocation, winding protection and shielding or the inner sheath and the outer sheath of the requirements, the general and flexible cable is essentially different.
1. The characteristics of the elastic cable reel.
1. The coil spring is used as the motive force. The rotating drum takes and releases the cable. It does not consume electric energy. It is automatic and flexible, and the work is reliable.
2. The electric energy of the carbon brush frame is used to transfer the electric energy to make the power supply continuous and stable.
3, the reversable mechanism is set up, the reel can be rotated both positive and reverse, and the cochlear spring is one way to transfer the power, and the spring will not be broken by the reverse.
Two. Characteristics of magnetic coupling cable reel:
1, the series of cable reel is composed of Y series motor, a wheel reducer (or worm reducer), permanent magnet coupler, slip ring collector, reel.
2. The permanent magnet coupler is a synchronous differential adjustment mechanism with simple structure, convenient torque adjustment and stable performance.
3. The control mode of the coil motor is: the motor works when the cable is received, and the motor is out of power when the cable is placed.
Three. Characteristics of hydraulic coupling cable reel:
1. With good winding characteristics, the adjusting range of the coiling moment is large. After the adjustment is stable, a constant torque is made to the reel shaft.
2. The synchronization performance is good. As the output torque unit is immersed in the oil, it has good skidding performance, and can ensure that the coiling speed is synchronized with the speed of the mobile device.
3. The worm and worm has good self locking performance. After the motor is out of power, it can ensure that the cable will not slide from the reel on the basis of gravity.
Four. The characteristics of the motor type cable reel for a long time shutoff torque.
1. The host host is composed of a long term torque motor (adjustable disc type normally closed brake), a special reducer and a collector slide box.
2, the cable part of the capacitive cable is the cable part, which can be divided into multi row winding and single row winding.
Five. The characteristics of magnetic hysteresis cable reel:
1. The mainframe consists of a reducer, a power head and a collector slide box. The power head consists of a motor, a hysteresis coupling, and a planetary gear box.
2, the cable part can be divided into multi row winding and single row winding.
Six. Characteristics of frequency conversion motor type cable reel.
The cable reel driven by frequency conversion is composed of frequency conversion motor, reducer, collector, cable coil plate and electric control box. It has many advantages, such as small motor capacity, good torque characteristic, stable performance, easy adjustment and so on. It is suitable for power supply cables with long distance of size and size. In particular, the problem that the traditional cable reel can not adapt to the high elevation and fast speed of the new generation crane is not suitable.