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What won the next ten years for Chinese cable companies

When market demand is no longer violent, the past experience is no longer applicable to the new situation of turbulence. If a benchmark enterprise falls or needs to face challenges and make a living, How can Chinese companies, who have ever been involved in the past ten years, go on the top of the world in the next year, rather than the big waves?
"Barbaric" growth is no longer available for China's cable industry at present. The cable industry needs transformation from old to new. New talents, new technologies and new capital are needed to carry out a great revolution in the original commercial strength. What won the next ten years for Chinese cable companies
Although transformation and innovation have been talked about for many years, for most cable enterprises, transformation has also become a common understanding, but little is done seriously, and the transformation is more scarce. Good to excellent in road transformation, cable enterprise collective encountered "transformation" three.
Based on the existing model, a business that is less than ten years later needs to be transformed. The transformation means that the business is trying to change, but the change is not necessarily successful.
In China innovation driven economic growth trend, in the face of the macroeconomic situation at home and abroad and cable industry overcapacity, homogeneous competition, price competition situation, entrepreneurs also need by arbitrage entrepreneurs to innovative entrepreneurs, innovation in talent, technology, capital and other aspects.
In the face of the new economic mode, habitual thinking in the past decades has not been able to keep pace with the needs of the times. This is the key to the transformation and upgrading of cable enterprises. In the transition period of cable enterprises, it is the key to cultivate a compound senior talent suitable for enterprise transformation and upgrading. If the human resource policy is not adjusted, it will face the disjointed situation between the development of enterprise and the development of talent.
Secondly, we should change the past mainly relies on the expansion of inputs and production scale of the extensive growth mode, through product innovation and process innovation to further reduce the energy saving and emission reduction, energy consumption and environmental pollution, to achieve the transformation of green development, and constantly improve the profitability of the enterprise to create value. Enterprises should also pay more attention to technology complex, a combination of a new technology and another new technology. Products and services form a new value, a combination, and this will be a bright spot. What won the next ten years for Chinese cable companies
The competition between today and the future depends on how entrepreneurs deal with the transformation of capital operation. If we want to get maximum economic benefits, we must constantly improve the operation level of capital. Especially in the transformation period, the control of assets and the rational allocation of capital is a key link. Including today hot "Internet plus", is the effective combination of enterprises to enhance the efficiency of traditional cable industry.
As long as the advantages of operation, channel and brand have not been able to keep up with the demand of the competitiveness of the times, we need to change. Of course, it is painful to change from quantitative to qualitative change, but after transformation it is powerful. From excellent to excellent transformation, cable enterprises need to continuously improve team culture, fine management process, diversified capital management, and reduce the risk of transformation.
The big market once the cable industry, big prosperous times gone for ever, new markets, new situation, and there began to model the counter There was no parallel in history. although the big enterprises, anti risk strength is stronger, but the small enterprises more flexible, who will become a new round of competition winners, perhaps also see "crisis" found in the opportunity and the ability to create opportunities.
Although some enterprises strive to quickly upgrade, some enterprises cross-border cooperation, more people think a person with breadth of vision of technological innovation is the best choice, but the current situation is concerned, two legs has not kept pace with the drive, full range of innovation more efforts.