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"Refusal of counterfeit goods, heavy punches" - the people's cable group initiative

Recently, the Xi'an metro line three to raise a Babel of criticism of cable quality events fired, the cable companies involved the airline said in an interview: in the process of Xi'an metro line three tender, adopt low price bidding way to obtain orders, in order to make a profit to reduce cost, to about 30 million yuan of substandard products.
One stone arouses thousands of waves, and the low price bidding has aroused widespread concern in the society. Excessive price war and low price competition not only hurt peers, kill themselves, pare consumers, damage China's industrial chain, but also damage the future of Chinese business. At the same time, the cable quality events should be a "alarm" and a turning point for the development of the cable industry, hoping to make the development of the industry on a good road.
The cable group as governor of Henan Province, Henan province quality benchmark quality award winner, Gongyi wire and cable industry leading enterprises, has always been adhering to the "people earn money cable not guilty" this concept, adhere to the national standard line, and continue by GB to the fine direction into the "high-quality cable people. The cable for the people" as the slogan, "to do cable companies" the world's most respected and struggling to jointly safeguard the normal order of the country; wire and cable industry, protect the normal development of China's economic construction, the people's life and property safety can be effectively protected, especially to make the following recommendations:
1, quality is the life of an enterprise.
Abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the state and industry, standardize business practices according to law, abide by the principles of fairness, voluntariness, honesty and credibility, and act as a model of law-abiding law, consciously maintain the overall image of the wire and cable industry, and enhance the reputation and reputation of the industry.
2, guarantee the quality of the product.
Curb fake and shoddy products, do not cut corners, use of substandard raw materials production, eliminate impurities, shoddy, duanjinqueliang. Resolutely do not produce "non - standard" products, do not sell fake and inferior products, and set up a strong brand awareness.
3. The enterprise legal person is the first person responsible for the quality of the product.
To strengthen self-discipline, the quality and safety of products should be put on an important agenda, and the principle of "who is responsible and responsible" should be adhered to.
4, increase the intensity of inspection.
Increase the quality supervision of wire and cable products, self check, spot check (monitoring), expand coverage, and increase the frequency of sampling. The implementation of quality control from the raw material entry to factory inspection, production process control and factory inspection, according to the law, the production and operation of integrity, it is recommended that the industry do spot checks regularly.
5, create a fair, open and fair competition environment for the market.
Having a good market competition environment is the expectation of all our enterprises to let the law-abiding people do not lose their losses and let the offenders be punished. The bidding cost analysis scheme is encouraged in the bidding process, and the cable related technical specifications and design requirements are included in the contract text to be supervised.
6, strengthen propaganda.
Suggested that the relevant departments regularly publish cable inspection results, to encourage and praise, a typical case of public exposure, will be an important case in depth report, on the formation of illegal selling fake goods is a powerful deterrent. We should widely publicize the typical experience of high quality products, excellent brands and excellent enterprises.