Shandong Yanggu Xinhui Cable Co., Ltd. the company always adhere to the quality first, customer supreme principle, the production of products of PVC insulated wire and cable, rubber insulated cables, power cables, control cables, electric welding cables, rubber sheathed flexible rubber sheathed cables for mining purposes, soft cable, XLPE power cables and various specifications of flame retardant and fire resistant cable that conforms to the national standards, quality assurance, to allow customers to buy a satisfactory, with ease, avoid menace from the rear.







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Yotani Ki Cable Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report



With the increasing attention paid to environmental protection, labor rights and interests, and the protection of consumers' rights and interests, governments at all levels have become the main force to promote and supervise corporate social responsibility. Our company pays more and more attention to the corporate social responsibility, and the corporate social responsibility has become the more and more important idea of our company. Social responsibility is the obligation to all its own stakeholders. The stakeholders of our company refer to groups and individuals that are closely related to our company, including creditors, employees, consumers, suppliers, etc., including government departments, local residents, local communities, etc. Our social responsibility includes both economic and non economic responsibilities, including both internal and external responsibilities. In conclusion, we should evaluate the fulfillment of our social responsibility from three aspects: (1) protect the rights and interests of employees, (2) social and economic benefits, (3) social public welfare activities. We protect the rights and interests of employees as the core of our work. We will surpass the traditional idea of profit as the sole goal, pay more attention to the value of human in the production process, and emphasize the responsibilities of internal employees, consumers, environment and society. The protection of the interests of employees is the economic benefits of the internal support, our company has a good social responsibility, we not only understand the demands of employees, pay for employees to give a reasonable return, but also to promote staff development for staff to provide a good space for development, and to improve the employee loyalty to the company and satisfaction has laid a good foundation a huge role in promoting the sustainable development of the company. Our responsibility to the staff is an internal stakeholder issue, and we carefully consider the status, treatment and satisfaction of our employees. It is not only related to our company's sustained and healthy development, but also to the development and stability of our society, which ensures the life and health of employees and ensures the employees' work and income. Therefore, the protection of the rights and interests of employees is an important embodiment of our company's responsibility. We will consider employees' salary growth opportunities, job promotion opportunities, training opportunities, welfare settings and so on. We deeply know the salary is an important factor affecting employee loyalty and stability of the staff service we, make them in consideration of whether the return equal pay at the same time with the company, will also consider the prospects for the development of our company in the long run, and its future is able to get a good income, from the beginning of the health of the employees to operate according to the health system on a regular basis, staff health examination, so that employees feel the true meaning of benefits. Our company is involved in social welfare activities and staff for the social returns, we really into the community, into the masses, from the people, for the people, all the results are to the society, we should return to the society, the school construction project in the town, our company donated 800 thousand yuan RMB for children the flowers of the motherland and the hope, we will contribute to watering the flowers of the motherland, so that they gradually become the pillar of the state; this is our honor to support the old social virtues, the parents we have today, we have appeared in the happiness of life, in the project construction town homes for the elderly, I the company donated 600 thousand yuan to return the society; the social development and progress, but there are a lot of children from poor families can not afford to go to school, our strength is weak, but Meager strength to dedication, in supporting the poor students go to school in this activity, our company took 100 thousand yuan to send children to hope; every year the festival, companies will be home to the old man to love and warmth, the fine tradition of respecting. After our participation in social public welfare activities, we have improved the reputation of the company and set up a good brand of the company. We drive the staff to participate in the social public welfare activities, make the employees understand the values of our company and identify with our corporate culture. As the value bond of the staff and the company, the social public welfare activities strengthen the cohesiveness of the employees inside the company, and promote the common development of our company and our employees. We often focus on social public welfare and actively participate in public welfare activities, reflecting our company's social responsibility and showing our own value to the public. In social public welfare activities, we can continuously improve and improve the company's values. We will continue to do well in public welfare undertakings and realize the life value of companies and employees, which is also the embodiment of social responsibility.