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Fast development of Internet energy boosting industry


According to CCTV reported, April 18th, "The Belt and Road building global energy Internet development and Eurasia grid interconnection International Conference held in moscow. The purpose of this meeting is to further strengthen the interconnection between China and Russia, Mongolia and other countries in power and other energy.
The energy of the Internet "Internet plus smart energy, is a new form of the combination of the Internet and the energy production, transmission, storage, and energy consumption of the energy industry market depth. The industry generally believes that this is an important step in the development of China's energy industry, and will effectively promote the development of the energy system towards intelligence and efficiency.
The report of China's energy Internet business ecosystem outlook released by Accenture, the world's largest management consulting company, predicts that by 2020, the total market size of China's energy Internet will exceed 940 billion dollars, which will account for 7% of GDP in that year. Among them, in addition to the rapid growth of smart grid construction to drive, the Internet will directly drive the micro energy network construction, CCHP system construction, construction, rooftop solar system networking construction, intelligent Home Furnishing system, energy storage system and a series of manufacturing industry growth. At the same time, the services related to energy management, financing and even the data industry will become a new source of income. As the cornerstone of the energy Internet, energy storage is in the stage of storage.
We believe that the main tone in the adjustment of energy structure, demand and economy based on clean energy, the future will form a more healthy development of the industry pattern and broad application space, in the clean energy industry chain, technical reserves, scale effect and cost control advantages of new energy enterprises will have further development space. In addition, according to the day before the National Energy Bureau announced the first batch of 56 "Internet plus" smart energy (energy Internet) demonstration project list, we believe that the publicity of the project marks the energy Internet entered the stage of practical operation, will promote the rapid development of distributed energy, energy storage and micro grid, distribution automation and other fields.