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Is Chinese distributed photovoltaic industry and people last straw?



In the past 10 years, the photovoltaic industry in China has experienced a fantastic development. From the insignificant share of International Photovoltaic Market in 2005 to 2015, the total installed capacity ranks first in the world. PV industry has become the most important milestone in the development history of new energy (11.77+0.09%, buying) in China.
Behind the prosperity, the crisis is quietly brewing. In 2011, Europe and the United States on the market for China PV enterprises main products launched anti-dumping and countervailing "double reverse survey, photovoltaic industry overcapacity problems gradually exposed, including Suntech, a number of industry giants subsequently went bankrupt in the photovoltaic industry winter comes suddenly.
However, at the Eighth China International New Energy Conference held in Wuxi, the participants discussed the future development of distributed photovoltaic power, but many people saw the hope of China's photovoltaic industry revival.
Distributed photovoltaic power generation refers to the photovoltaic power generation facilities that are built near the user site and operate independently on the user side, the surplus electricity is online, and the balance regulation of the distribution system is characterized by photovoltaic power generation. It is a new and widely used way of comprehensive utilization of power and energy. It can not only effectively improve the generation capacity of the same scale photovoltaic power station, but also effectively solve the problem of power loss in boosting and long-distance transportation.
Zhu Junhao, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a researcher from Shanghai Institute of physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, told an interview with the financial world website that the proportion of distributed Optoelectronics in China is only about 21%. Zhu Junhao believes that with the help of large-scale intermittent edge grid technology, large-scale power generation technology, the multi energy smart grid micro grid technology, distributed intelligent energy systems, fully distributed photovoltaic power generation system miniaturization, intelligent and low cost advantages, so that the energy of the Internet can make hundreds of millions of people to produce green renewable energy in their own homes, offices and factories, in the near future, distributed will be the construction of China's smart city an important part of.
A lot of countries all over the world are carrying on the transformation of energy. The Chinese Academy of Sciences, China EPRI (17.05-0.12%, bid), honorary president of the National Energy Bureau of energy Internet expert group leader Zhou Xiaoxin insisted that our national energy transformation goal is to build a low-carbon clean, safe and efficient, especially the new generation energy system for sustainable development. The energy system is a system that combines renewable energy, large power and distributed energy.
Zhao Zhenyuan, director of the new energy branch of the Chinese Information Industry Chamber of Commerce, believes that the development of the distributed photovoltaic power generation system is the trend of the times. "Land resources will become more and more scarce in the future. Surface power stations will gradually decrease. Land resources are abundant in remote areas such as Xinjiang, Gansu and Ningxia. Distributed generation can achieve complementarity of agriculture and light, complementation of Fisheries and light and complementary mountainous areas, which is an irresistible trend. In view of this change, adjusting the train of thought is to persist in diversified development, speed up the strategic reserve of distributed generation, speed up the strategic reserve of poverty alleviation, reduce the reliance of ground power stations, and speed up cooperation among enterprises, which will be the best choice for the development of photovoltaic industry in China. Zhao Zhenyuan said.
Sheng Photoelectric energy Limited by Share Ltd from the beginning of the 15 years, always adhere to the development of distributed pv. Financial website reporter connection to the company's CEO She Haifeng, he believes, from technology logically, the most competitive advantage in all clean energy inside (love based, net, information) is actually distributed. "The biggest proportion of traditional microgrid is the combination of heat and power. Photovoltaic distribution can be the largest application in microgrid, from a technical point of view, photovoltaic is more suitable for distributed. The American market is distributed from the family began to do, because the United States or Europe household electric power electricity costs are much higher than the industrial and commercial enterprises, and the PV market Chinese just upside down, so it should be distributed from business start, back to do family. Logically, it is the right logic that China should be a priority distribution and then develop large power stations. "
"Zhongsheng group saw such a logic, so at the end of last year Chinese market launched a green energy industry distributed business solutions." She Haifeng said, "after the launch of the program, in order to deal with the special situation of the Chinese market, we also designed a set of enterprise evaluation system and third party detection system and third party insurance system for enterprises, so that the distributed products are more designed.
As far as the current development trend is concerned, the distributed photovoltaic power generation, as one of the new energy utilization methods, will become the key direction of the future development of China's photovoltaic industry. Despite the wide application prospects, there are still a series of difficult problems, such as investment and financing mode and risk control, which are urgent to be solved. The future of China's photovoltaic industry will be a breakthrough, still need time to test.