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Distribution network market release ultra 50 billion dividend and 105 distribution network PPP projects into the first batch of



"The spring river water warm duck prophet", although the incremental distribution business reform is still in the pilot stage, but many enterprises have invested heavy gold in this field.
In December 1st, the reporter from the national development and Reform Commission, the NDRC Energy Bureau, issued the "notice on regulating the development of incremental distribution business reform" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), determine the Yanqing intelligent distribution network and other 105 projects for the first batch of incremental reform pilot project distribution business. The pilot landing, from the previous national development and Reform Commission, the Energy Bureau required to report the incremental distribution of distribution business for more than three months.
Shen Cheng, an analyst at Zhongtai securities, believes that following the introduction of the "orderly release of distribution network business management measures", after the completion of the complete framework of the electricity reform, the announcement of the incremental distribution network means that the distribution business will be released to the landing stage.
Bohai Securities believes that the distribution network of the park is the most excellent distribution network asset. The revenue space of the distribution network operation in the National Park and the provincial level park is 50 billion.
Reform pilot ground
The incremental distribution network project reform pilot ground, means that this reform enters the substantive operation stage.
The "Circular" clearly pointed out that the incremental distribution network principle refers to 110 thousand kV and below voltage (330) and 220 kV and below voltage Industrial Park (Economic Development Zone) and other local power grid, to 220 thousand kV and above transmission network construction, the construction of distribution network planning at the provincial level shall comply with the increment of the distribution network, in line with national the electric power development strategy, industrial policy and market subject to power distribution requirements.
According to the reporter, the provinces reported size of over 160, and from the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) number of projects, pilot projects in Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, Henan Province, four was the most, which was 6, Beijing, Jiangsu, Chongqing, Guizhou, Yunnan, Shaanxi, Gansu and other provinces (city) has 5 projects included in the pilot.
In the pilot project type, the industrial park and industrial park type regional power grid accounted for the main share.
China gold company believes that the decentralization of the management of the distribution network, clear the scope of the distribution network, to stimulate the enthusiasm of social capital investment. Department of energy management, the local government is responsible for the project management of incremental distribution network, incremental distribution network project is included in the distribution network planning of energy management departments of the local government, to break the monopoly Power Grid Corp overall planning, giving the local authority and the Department of energy more initiative, stimulate the participation of local government power to enthusiasm, promote electricity reform into the deep water and clear; distribution network operators bear the distribution area of settlement business, highlighting the distribution of scarce resources; limit distribution across operators engaged in distribution business, greatly limits the privilege of Power Grid Corp cross distribution, Power Grid Corp will compete with the fair distribution of social capital; in addition to providing basic services to the operators of electric power market, but also can provide value-added services, including demand side response the equipment, operation and maintenance, increase the new profit distribution operators have The distribution enterprises of the household resources will benefit greatly and stimulate the enthusiasm of the social capital investment.
The state level development zones mainly include national economic and technological development zones and high and new technology industrial development zones. According to the statistics of the new front-line Research Institute, as of August 1, 2016, there were 146 state-level high-tech zones, 223 state-level economic and technological development zones, while China's provincial and state level economic development zones had reached 1533.
At present, not only is the 105 projects in the pilot reform pilot in large scale investment, but many other parks are also in the active layout.
Layout of the park
With the layout of the park in all parts of the country, it is expected to usher in a larger scale of incremental distribution business in China.
Nearly two months, enterprises to participate in the investment operation of distribution network are frequent.
In May 2016, Beijing CREE hybrid new energy power equipment shares the first true sense of ownership, placing an Gui'an placing Electrical Co. Ltd.; in June 2016, the company and the Zhengzhou airport economic comprehensive experimentation area management committee signed cooperation "on the Internet and energy comprehensive utilization of energy strategic cooperation agreement", to promote the construction of the park energy Internet with the power of property service. Through the foundation of the whole industry chain layout of the company and the operation experience of the distribution network accumulated in the power grid of the new area, the depth of the gold in the incremental distribution network market is made.
In September 26th, the Daqing oil field limited liability company of CNPC was established. According to official news, Daqing Oilfield Power Group has enterprise power grid and self owned power plant. Its incremental distribution network has nearly 300 thousand residents, social enterprises and business users, and the annual power supply reaches 1 billion 300 million kwh. It is the largest asset distribution network in the country.
November 3rd, Kyrgyzstan shares announced that the group will cooperate with the state-owned Changchun Longxiang high tech Industrial Development Zone Committee set up a wholly-owned, construction and operation of the Changchun District comprehensive wisdom energy supply and incremental distribution network PPP. The total investment was 8 billion 300 million yuan, which began to be built in 2016 and completed in the next 2 to 5 years. November 29th, Kyrgyzstan shares then issued notice, signed a strategic about Ebian Park increment distribution network PPP project cooperation framework agreement with the Sichuan river power Limited by Share Ltd, Leshan golden honey industry guards service Limited by Share Ltd, plans a total investment of about 5 billion 600 million yuan, the project investment is completed in the next 3 years.
In the view of Xingye securities, most of the investment subjects of these projects are the administrative committees of the park, the investment groups of the SASAC, and the local energy